1. 你好, 看你的BLOG, 相信你也得悉石硤尾工廠大廈已變成了賽馬會創意藝術中心 我們社區內的幾個NGO已關注了這事件好幾年, 並在2007年舉辦了工作坊和社區論壇, 好讓在地的居民和NGO的使用者也得悉和關心此事(因藝術中心從未在本區進行過公眾諮詢會), 所以我們正在製作有關這事的社區參與歷程記錄書刊, 而其中一篇文章想徵用你在伙炭2007的一張相以配合內文意思 請問…可以嗎? 我們會在版權頁列出相片攝影者 希望你能幫這個忙, 期待你的好消息 YAN

  2. Pardon me using English, the computer can not print Chinese or just I don't know how to print it…well any I m not on purpose using English…I've seen your pictures about the 64bar, it's gorgeous I really like itactually Im during my intern here in HK living around wanchaiI know from your information that you do publishing, and I don't know whether you are familiar with a publihsing agency called echo from Taiwan and im doing some ad work for their beijing subsidiaryIm finding their book in HK, for there are no Taiwan version in mainland China, if you know some information or other interesting staff, would u like to inform me sth my email address is wen.xu@sgcibmsn hmilypty@hotmail.commany thx &regards



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